Thursday, March 20, 2008


this news is so exciting that i didn't even mean to write the title in caps my computer just knew to do it on its own (yeah my computer is that smart!) (okay actually no i lie i had hit caps lock earlier and completely forgot about it so when i started typing the title i was surprised to se it was in caps but it is better this way because it truly emphasizes just how excited i am)
anywho back to the actually exciting news!!!
i am going to go home for a 5 day mini vacation to california (where home is) (ha home is where the heart is and my heart has been missing me while it has been chillin at the beach) in exactly 2 weeks from today. yep i get to see baby jack and my puppies and baby jack and the whole family and baby jack and just bask in the amazingness that is me being in california while everyone else is still stuck in utah. poor losers:( ha ha ha

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The Bitner Family said...

Oh, I think I am the first person to comment on your blog! YAY for me!!!