Thursday, March 20, 2008


this news is so exciting that i didn't even mean to write the title in caps my computer just knew to do it on its own (yeah my computer is that smart!) (okay actually no i lie i had hit caps lock earlier and completely forgot about it so when i started typing the title i was surprised to se it was in caps but it is better this way because it truly emphasizes just how excited i am)
anywho back to the actually exciting news!!!
i am going to go home for a 5 day mini vacation to california (where home is) (ha home is where the heart is and my heart has been missing me while it has been chillin at the beach) in exactly 2 weeks from today. yep i get to see baby jack and my puppies and baby jack and the whole family and baby jack and just bask in the amazingness that is me being in california while everyone else is still stuck in utah. poor losers:( ha ha ha

things i have just recently found out/ learned/ come to the realization of

  • that when cecily is gone the house feels incredibly empty and i miss her terribly and it is hard to sleep
  • when i set my mind to it i can actually write a really good email home even though i never thought i could (maybe because i never really tried)
  • when i like a new song i like to listen to it obsessively until i have memorized the lyrics because i just have to know the lyrics to every song i like
  • byu cable is NOT completely worthless channel 7 actually has some very enlightening like documentaries on in the middle of the night (about synchronized swimming and how people can manage what seem to be impossible tasks! fire walkers etc.)
  • no matter what or who the complete stranger is that i happen to be sitting next to i am ALWAYS compelled to tap them on the shoulder and either open my laptop or cell phone point to my background and ask "isn't this the cutest baby you have ever seen" and then precede to tell them everything about baby jack
  • secretly my feet have started to feel less suffocated by my shoes and i am feeling less of a need to take them off whenever i sit like i would my flip flops so i can walk around barefoot (do not worry i fully plan on correcting this bizarreness when i get home to cali or can start wearing my flip flops here again)
  • even though i insist that wal-mart is evil ever since i passed out there the thought of wal-mart flip flops for $1.88 still gives me warm fuzzies inside and makes me want to go to wal-mart right now to buy some more!
  • every time i learn some very ridiculous fact about anything at all i feel the need to share it with everyone i know and actually have to stop my self from calling people i haven't talked to in a long time (just in case you were interested my newest random fact comes from the documentary like programs i watched on channel 7. in synchronized swimming the propel themselves by moving their legs in the "egg beater" motion which i can't figure out how they do. the monks in tibet on every february 19 the day they say is the coldest of the year go sleep outside with just their toga like cloths as blankets and don't even shiver because well they actually couldn't explain why other then that they train for years to master their bodies actually their chi through meditation. and a whole lot more that i would love to share with you if you are willing to listen)
  • making lists makes me incredibly happy. i didn't just find this out but it was reaffirmed to me just now.
  • i can function very well with little to no sleep.
  • more students bring their macs on campus then pcs and yes i did just count to make sure.
  • people watching at the jsb is almost as much fun as people watching at the wilk (who would have thunk)
  • i can want a chipotle burrito so badly that i actually consider driving all the way to sandy (satan's favorite hell) to get one

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

things i miss right now

in no specific order
baby jack

aunt penny and matilda
home (in temecula)
being able to sleep through the night
mom making me food
going to movies with dad
baby girl and thor

llalla y llallo
the long drive home
working at pat and oscars